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- Maximum file size accepted is 2 Mb
- You can upload .gif, .jpg, .png, .jpeg images
- You can't upload adult pictures
- You can resize your picture as you prefer
- Every music related picture will be displayed on our network
- Other pictures will receive a private link
- Public pictures must be approved from the admin before be displayed on the network
- When you add your picture please choose some tags (keywords) to let other users find your picture easily and to help the admin to approve the picture (the Admin will try to add tags for you if you leave the field blank, but the process will take a lot of time, and will not be published pictures without tags)

Tags :
- A Tag is a keyword related to the picture you are adding. (Ex. If you are adding a picture about Rihanna you can add a tag like rihanna)
- If you want your picture to be viewed on our network, you need to add some tags to let other visitors find your picture faster; otherwise tags will be choosed from our staff if our staff will be able to identify the picture
- Please separate each tag with commas

Other informations :
- Your file name will change after the upload

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